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Shop at 8, passage du Grand Cerf 75002 Paris.

Open on Monday to friday 11:00/19:00. Saturday 14:00/19:00. The shop is closed on wednesday.

Téléphone : 06 10 01 23 69
Email : contact[@]


Leaurence Amouriq Bütsch from ACM2 for her teachings and unwavering support that helped me create my first collection "Blue Macadam".
Camillefor the website and photos of "Jolies vacances" and "Chouquette".
Her skills and energy were essential to building and developing the brand.
Bernard Lachaud for his beautiful photos.
Lorraine Garchery from trois grains, who designed the jewellery presented with "Folk" and "Iconique".
Anne Vitchen et Emma Sosa from Jardin de Matisse for the wondefull flowers.
L’Annexe optique Saint-Louis(glasses)
HTML5 UP pour le design du site.
Models : Camille, Hélène, Laetitia and Agathe.
Thomas Roux-Fouillet and Aude for their precious advice.