Meet the designer

"Will, desire, movement and feminity are the guiding principles of my creation".

Before becoming a fashion designer and seamstress, Marion Jeannoutot received a master's degree in Art History from the Sorbonne, specializing in the works of Courbet, Manet, and Degas. She's also a graduate from the Ecole du Louvre from which she earned a diploma in museum studies.
Fascinated by the costumes of many eras, she completed an internship in the archives of the Paris Opera, an experience that helped to awaken her passion for clothing design and fabrication.
She pursued this new vocation both at the Garnier Opera and on movies set.And with Leaurence Amouriq B├╝tsch, she continued to perfect her skills in patterning, assembly and sewing.She has produced costumes for dancers at the Conservatoire de Sartrouville for six years and has just launched her own label: Ati Paris

Marion Jeannoutot